Summer of Coding, one inch at a time...

Dohbrihy Dehn

inchworms -

At the culmination of our three month Rails Girls Summer of Code we flew to Kiev to the Rubyshift Conference. Luckily Konstantin was with us. As a regular conference-goer he acted as our guide. Luckily Anja is used to travelling with children, so had packed many tasty snacks for Carla and Konstantin to munch on.


After a 6 hour flight (plus on hour more because of a delay), we finally arrived in Kiev. It was 2am and raining. дерьмо!

Now the first day and our talk is over. We have that typical feeling of relief once a public talk is done. It went very well and Anja, who was very nervous about speaking, is now keen to present at conferences all around the world.

Everyone at the conference has been very warm and welcoming. And after our talk everybody has said hello ;)

A look outside of the window: our hotel

Carla at the end of the day: carla in a bar